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How to request a repeat prescription

A request for a repeat prescription can be done in person, by telephone, or online

When submitting a request for a new prescription for your regular medication, you will need to know the name and dose of each medication that you require. Provided that the medication you are requesting has been prescribed as a REPEAT medication, and it is due for renewal, and you are not overdue a medication review, your prescription should be ready by 4.00pm the next working day.

If you are telephoning the practice to request a repeat prescription, please try to call us between 9.30am and 5.30pm.

If there are any problems with your request, the receptionist will discuss this with you. Sometimes the receptionist may ask you some questions - this is to assist the GP with your request.

If you have a nominated pharmacy, your repeat prescription will be sent electronically to your chosen pharmacy. Otherwise your script(s) should be collected from reception.

Online requests

The easiest and most convenient way to order your repeat medication is online - once you are registered for this service you can make these requests any time, any day! 

To start the registration process for this access, you can click on the orange "PATIENT ACCESS square to the right of this screen or ask at reception.

Form to request access to online services: appointment booking, prescription request and medical record view - will be available online shortly

Repeat Dispensing

This is a special service for patients who are on a regular, stable dose of a long term medication. If it is suitable for you, it allows us to issue up to six months of scripts to your nominated pharmacy, and they will dispense the medication to you at regular intervals. Please ask at reception, or talk to your GP if you think you may be suitable for this service.