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Who else works at the Practice?

There are a range of other Clinical Staff who are based here at CGMG

Practice Midwife

The Community Midwife usually visits the practice two afternoons each week and she provides most of the Ante-Natal care for our patients. If you have a positive home pregnancy test you can self refer to the midwife - please ask at reception for a form.

Drug and Alcohol Support Workers

The EVOLVE Team have regular sessions at the practice and work closely with our clinical team and the patients they support. If you would like to access this service, please speak to one of our doctors.

Community Nursing Team

We have good links with our Community Matron, District Nurses, Heath Visitors and Palliative Care Team. Although these staff are not based here at the Practice, they do attend some of our practice meetings.


The Physiotherapist visits the practice 1 day per week and is able to help patients with musculo-skeletal problems. You can self-refer to the physiotherapy service - please ask at reception about this.