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Here to help - meet the CGMG Team......

We are a caring and friendly team who always aim to deliver the best for our patients 

 Our Clinical Team

We have a large clinical team with a broad range of expertise and areas of special interest. You are welcome to request an appointment with the clinician of your choice, however the reception team will be able to advise you if you are unsure who can help:

  • Dr Linda Nutting
  • Dr Simon Daniels
  • Dr Stephen Potter
  • Dr Peter Ward
  • Dr Ros Bramhall
  • Dr Faye Damant
  • Dr Tennyson Nadah
  • Dr Anna Mowat
  • Dr Christopher Thain
  • Dr Karen Hemmings
  • Janet Hardingham - Nurse Practitioner 
  • Dawn Barnsley - Practice Nurse
  • Sarah Roberts - Practice Nurse
  • Lisa Archer - Health Care Assistant and Care Navigator
  • Melanie Lindsay - Health Care Assistant and Care Navigator
  • Julie Cottee - Practice Pharmacist

Our Management and Administration Team

The management and admin team work closely with the clinical team to ensure the systems in place are safe and efficient and meet the changing needs of the practice and our patients:

  • Angela McClintock - Practice Manager
  • Elaine Trevena - Deputy Practice Manager
  • Anne Henry - Performance Team Leader
  • Susan Craven - IT Manager and Performance Team
  • Julie Connelly - Medical Secretary 
  • Sandra Walker - Performance Team
  • Amy Smith - Performance Team
  • Kelsey Bambrough - Performance Team
  • Lindy Graham - Performance Team/Team Leader
  • Claire Scott - Reception Team Leader
  • Cherry Gallon - Receptionist
  • Lindsey Rix - Receptionist
  • Amber McCartney - Receptionist
  • Maureen Forster - Receptionist
  • Jay Greenup - Receptionisit
  • Leah Goodwin - Receptionist
  • Natasha Henderson - Apprentice Receptionist