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Stressed? Anxious? Depressed?

Here is some advice about where you can find some help

As a starting point - make an appointment to see one of the Doctors or nurses or Care Navigators here at the practice - if we can help you to identify what is causing you to feel stressed or anxious, it will be easier to suggest what might help.

For example if you have debt problems and feel stressed by money worries, the Care Navigators can refer you to the Citizens advice Bureau. Or if you are unable to work because you are a Carer and are worried about the person you are looking after, Gateshead Carers Association are very good at helping in this type of situation - they can offer respite care, support and ensure all available benefits are claimed.

You can also refer you to Gateshead Talking Therapies if you think that would also help. 



Self Help

For some really useful self-help advice please visit:


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