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Emergency Care 

The new Emergency Care Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital provides Urgent / Emergency care services

The Walk-in Centre providing care for more routine problems is also based here - please go to the shared reception desk for triage.


* Always call 999 if you or someone is seriously ill or injured, and a life is at risk *

If you are faced with a genuine emergency, call 999 and try not to panic. Once you are connected to a 999 call handler, they will ask you a series of questions to establish what it wrong. This will allow them to determine the most appropriate response as quickly as possible.

Do not hang up - wait for a response from the call handler as they might have further questions for you. The person who handles your call will let you know when they have all the information they need. You might also be instructed on how to give first aid until the ambulance arrives. 

Who to call if it is not a life-threatening emergency

If the situation is not a life threatening emergency and you or the person you are with do not need immediate medical attention, consider calling NHS 111 before you dial 999.

NHS 111

NHS 11 is a quick and easy way to access advice and local healthcare services.

It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Calls from landlines nad mobiles are free.

NHS 11 is a national number that connects you to a team of advisers, supported by experienced clinicians. They begin by asking you a series of questions to assess your symptoms and either give you the healthcare advice you need, or direct you to the best local service to meet your needs.

If they think you need an ambulance, they will send one immediately - just as if you had originally dialled 999.

Dial 111 if:

  • You need medical help fast, but it is not a 999 emergency
  • You think you need to go to A & E or another urgent Care Service
  • You do not know who to call for medical help, or you do not have a GP to contact
  • You require health information or reassurance about what to do next

The 111 service is also available via 'Typetalk' for deaf or hard-of-hearing people on number 18001111

Source of advice detailed above is NHS Choices website July 2015