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Private Services and Fees

Why do we charge a fee for some work?


The National Health Service provides an excellent service that, for most services, is free at the point of need. There are however some exceptions to what the NHS will pay for - prescription costs is an example that most patients will be familiar with.

With regard to services offered here at CGMG, NHS England decides what it will pay GP practices to do and what it won't pay for. Where we are asked to do work not paid for by the NHS, we are obliged to pass this cost onto the individual patient. The amount charged is a reflection of the staff time required to do the work requested. Examples of this type of work include, travel vaccinations, Taxi or HGV medicals, and solicitors reports.

How much do we charge?

Our current fees are detailed here: CGMG Private fee

Please note that these charges are correct at the time of publication, but that we reserve the right to adjust the charges from time to time without prior notification. You are therefore advised to check the costs with the practice before requesting us to undertake this additional work on your behalf.

Cancellation Policy

In most circumstances we will request payment for the work before commencing it. 

Any work you have requested us to do on your behalf can be cancelled, so long as we have not already commenced work on it. However, once we have started work, a charge will be made to cover our costs.